Incredible Benefits of Bee Wax

Health Benefits
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To soften skin

Antibacterial & Antimicrobial properties of bee wax helps to maintain our skin clean and reducing the risk of contamination. Some studies have shown that using beeswax can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus, aiding with some skin conditions including diaper rash. In fact, fighting bacteria is known as one of the uses of beeswax for skin health that you should not skip out, but consider using when you are trying to fight bacteria naturally. We have a rich ingredient antiinflammatory properties, antioxidants and antibacterial fantastic to pamper the skin by bee wax without resorting to chemicals.

To Heal Skin
Pure & Natural BeeWax

To Heal Skin

Bee wax is used to heal our skin faster because of its healing properties. In fact, the anti-inflammatory properties found in beeswax stimulate the healing of wounds, so it can help with allergic reactions, small cuts, burns and scrapes. As well as, it is protective,it helps to create a barrier between the environment and the skin to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the wounds without clogging skin pores. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A and it has been proven to promote cell generation, which means that your skin can heal faster, reducing the risk of complications and reduce pain. Consider using beeswax products after a cut as healed may help to reduce the appearance of scarring.

Health Benefits
Pure & Organic BeeWax

Natural staying power

Beeswax has incredible natural staying power. The molecular structure of Beeswax makes it ideal for anchoring make-up products to your skin, meaning those with oily complexions don't have to worry about their foundation slipping and sliding during the day. Having Beeswax in your make-up also means you needn’t use synthetic primers that contain pore-blocking silicone that prevents skin from breathing. Your make-up will stay looking freshly applied all day with no need for touch-ups