SunMark Honey


Sun Mark Honey is 100% pure and natural honey collecting from our own bee hives.
We are AGMARK Certified and each lot is packing after quality check under the State Agmark Grading Laboratory. Our honey is having no preservatives and no additives. Our natural honey packed at most hygenic conditions.

Health Uses and Benefits

SunMark honey reduces obesity. Pure Honey is a medicine blessed by nature. It offers healthy and delicious sweetness. A spoon of honey a day could offer you wonders. Honey acts as a energy booster, To get good result from honey diet, replace sugar intake with honey throughout the day.Cut out sugar from your diet, give up atrificial sweeteners. Use sunmark honey in your tea, coffee.

sun mark honey

Sun Mark Honey Health Benefits

1. Weight Management - reduces obesity
2. Antioxidant Power Booster - increases immune system
3. Natural sleep aid- sleep promoter
4. Replace sugar with a spoon of honey-to reduce the risk of diabetes.
5. Natural Cough Syrup - effective in treating coughs
6. Burn and wound Healer
7. Improves Memory - brain sharpner
8. Boosts fertility in both men & and women
9. Treating Cancer & Heart disease
10. Acts as Anti bacterial & antimicrobial.

How bees collect pollen?

* 15-30% workers collecting pollen
* 8 – 100 flowers visited per trip
* 1 – 50 trips per day
* carrying capacity – 35% of body’s weight


What are the features of SunMark Honey?

1. Pure & Natural Honey
2. No preservatives
3. No additives
4. Sugar free honey
5. Agmark certified honey
6. Packing at most hygenic condition
7. Each lot analyses at State Agmark Grading Laboratory.
8. Honey from our own bee hivves
9. Wild multifloral honey
10. Good for immunity and human health

How bees collect nector ?

* 100 -1500 flowers visited/trip
* 1-24 trips/day
* 36-50 microlitre nectars / trip(50microlitre – 1 big drop)
* carrying capacity -- 85% of body’s weight

Waht are the benefits from bees ?

Honey, Wax, Royal Jelly, Pollen, Bee Venom, Propolis , Pollination of crops
Fructose - 36.0% Maltose - 6.0%
Glucose - 31.3% Other Sugar - 1.5%
Sucrose - 1.3% Other Mineral - 3.2%
Water - 20.5% Ash - 0.2%

sun mark honey


Two categories of bees
1. Feral bee (Natural bees) - hollow of trees & branches of trees
2. Hive bees - domestic bees, procure from breeder

Setting Up Of Apiaries:

* Sep –Oct best time to the beginner
* Procure disease free colonies
* Maintain the colonies in apiaries having sufficient pollen & nectar
* Protect the colonies from sunlight and rain
* Check the colonies regularly for the presence of pollen, nectar, queen, brood increase, diseases.

How to identify the absence of Queen ?

- no new egg or lava
- violent worker bees
- large number of drones
- blackening comb
- no pollen or nectar collection

How can identify losing queen bee ?

- Ageing
- Fighting with another queen
- Accidental death while hive maintanance
- While mating time any accidental death