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Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits
Sun Mark Honey

To reduce Obesity

Pure Honey is a medicine blessed by nature. It offers a healthy and delicious sweetness. A spoon of honey a day could offer you wonders. Honey acts as a energy booster, To get good result from honey diet, replace sugar intake with honey throughout the day. Honey & Hot water A combination of honey mixed with warm water every night before bed. It helps you to reduce the extra pounds of weight. It removes harmful toxins from the body.

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As a Healer
Pure & Natural Honey

Wound & Ulcer Healer

One tablespoon of raw honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder on a daily basis can effectively treat stomach upset and clear ulcers in the stomach from the root. Stomach Ulcers also known as gastric ulcer or peptic ulcer, is a leison that makes in the lining of the stomach.

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Health Benefits
Pure & Organic honey

Nature's Energy Booster

A great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our bodies, honey is known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting the performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Honey is used as a substitute for sugar in our everyday life activities.

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Avoid to buy cheap offered(Adulterated/ Artificial) honey

Artificial honey made by molasses and gelatin rode leads to reduce human life span.

About Sun Mark Honey

We collect honey from our own bee hives located around Western Ghats.