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1. Call or Wtsapp on 944 732 2266
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Vijaya Bank, Panachamoodu,
Vellarada, Tvm, Kerala.
A/c. No. 204300301000058
IFSC code: VIJB0002043

What are the features of SunMark Honey?

1. Pure & Natural Honey
2. No preservatives
3. No additives
4. Sugar free honey
5. Agmark certified honey
6. Packing at most hygenic condition
7. Each lot analyses at State Agmark Grading Laboratory.
8. Honey from our own bee hivves
9. Wild multifloral honey
10. Good for immunity and human health


How nector changes into honey?

Bees collect nectar from flowers & stores at honey bag. This nectar combines with
bee digestive enzymes - invertase, amylase and diastase along with gastric acid hydrolyse sucrose to a mixture of Glucose and Fructose.

After reaching hive, the process known as Drofilaksis ( transfering honey to other worker bee via mouth to mouth) Bees work together with regurgitation and half digestion until the product reaches storage quality.

Finally honey stored in combs unsealed to reduces water content by fanning (200 times/sec ), hive bees flutter their wings constantly to circulate air and evaporate water content

and preventing fermentation.The bees
then cap the honeycomb cells with wax to seal it.

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sun mark honey

What are the types of Honey?

1. Unifloral Honey
2. Multifloral Honey
3. Liquid Honey -- Extracted Honey
4. Comb Honey -- Honey with comb
5. Chunk Honey -- Liquid Honey + Comb Honey
6. Cream Honey -- Crystallized Honey

Cheruthen (Stingless Bee / Dwarf Honey)

In terms of health

* Treating Diabetes
* Cures Asthma
* Cures Arthritis (Arthritis)
* Overcome Hepatitis
* Treat Bladder Infection
* Heal Ulcers
* Improve Health of Eye and Eye sight


Properties of Honey

1. Hygroscopic - absorbs water from atmosphere
2. Granulation - crystallisation (Dextrose + Pollen + wax )
3. Fermentation - due to excess water content, prevent by processing.

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Albert Einstein :-
“If a situation, no bees in the Earth, humans can't survive even four years.
No Bees --> No Pollination --> No Plants --> No Animals --> No Humans “

About Us

Multifloral Wild Raw Honey

We Manufacture, process & Market honey from our own bee hives.
Our Bee hives located inside forest areas and collect nectors from various medicinal plants and wild flowers hence our products maintain high quality and having good demand precious for health.
We are AGMARK Certified Graded at State Agmark Grading Laboratory at Thiruvananthapuram.

Stingless Honey (Cheruthen)

Our mission is to provide Quality and Excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively.
Our products will achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality honey and services in appropriate time.ABOUT FIRM: Located in the historic city Trivandrum,
OUR BRAND:Sun Mark Honey Rhythm honey is one of the foremost homely honey available in the country.

Pure & Natural Organic Honey

Gandhigrama Khadi Industrial Development Unit is a firm Aided by Kerala Khadi & VI board deal with Apiculture, processing and marketing of honey.
We Produce 100% pure Natural honey from our own Bee hives.We are having specially trained beekeepers involved in production hygienic and high quality honey.

Sunmark Honey - Rhythm Honey

Sunmark Honey appeals to people of all ages. All the products are made in the original, traditional way using modern norms of hygiene.
We have completed 40 years experience in honey Production and 15 year experience in processing and marketing.
Our honey is a family-owned product, with its unparalleled commitment towards quality has adopted technologies and standards with the changing times for every service.

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